Map it. Live it.

Don't just like a foodie photo on Instagram. Save it to your Popcity Map and taste it for yourself.

Map and Track the Foods You Want to Try

Simply find a foodie photo from social media and add it to your Popcity Map.

Easily Map Photos

Take a snapshot of the photo and add it to your Popcity Map. All you need is a photo and a location.

Your Map is Private

Only you can see what is on your Popcity Map, so feel free to map any photo you want.

Get Nearby Alerts

Get a notification when you are nearby a mapped photo so you never miss a tasty opportunity again.

Try Influencer Mode

Post your tasty Instagram photos on to Popcity so others can map them and taste it themselves.

Photo Link Feature

Drive users back to your Instagram account by linking your Instagram photos with Influencer Mode.

Customize Your Feed

Follow Influencers and Specific Foods to discover all the new foods you can add to your Popcity Map.

For Content Creators and Influencers

Popcity is the best tool to track and discover new foods to add to your collection.

Browse Nearby

Browse to see what other foodies have experienced nearby for content creation ideas.

Build Your List

Map and Track all the foods you want to try in one place and we'll let you know when you're nearby.

Vegan-Friendly & More

Map all the Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Kosher dishes on Popcity so you can taste them yourself.

Built in
New York City

Created by real foodies and influencers.

Meet the Team!

Our goal is simple - to develop the ultimate tool for tracking and sharing nearby experiences.

Luiggi Pera
Founder & CEO

"My favorite food is Peruvian Ceviche...but extra spicy!"

Gennadii Ivanov
Co-Founder & CTO

"The best part of traveling is the new foods you get to try."

Alyssa Levine
Social Media Manager

"How can you have a favorite food when you live in NYC?"

Julio Rivera

"Fried chicken with a side of fried chicken- need I say more."

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